Updated information regarding API


The transitional arrangement for former API users has now been completed. The expected time for the possibility of a new API connection (API1) is week 4 in 2021
Routine for API connection
The company enters into an agreement directly with Evry at HMSkortAPI@tietoevry.com
The e-mail address is active from 01.01.2021.

General information about new API solution

New API solution is divided into 2 levels
API1 is quite similar to the solution from a previous provider, with some exceptions

  • Connection is no longer run with username and password, but with OAUTH2
  • When searching for a card number, no personal data will appear.
  • When searching for QR or CHIP code, you will get some more personal data including image.

API2 is new compared to the previous solution. There you will have the opportunity to automate the entire ordering process.
What is important to note is that API2 only provides access to data belonging to the customer's business.
This means that if you want to place orders through API2 on behalf of another company, then you must use this company's API key

As of today, no date has been set for API2 connection.

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