New for the year


We are launching a new ordering solution for HSE cards! 

Here, in addition to being able to order an HSE card, you will also receive information about your employees' HSE cards being valid, and details about which register obligations have not been fulfilled. Where the card status is not valid, and these are employees who must have an HSE card, then check out the reason. The status automatically changes back to valid when the requirements for registration in the various registers are met again.  

Where the owner of a sole proprietorship (ENK), the spouse of the owner of ENK, others with a registered relationship with the company and who are not employees, as well as posted workers on assignment in Norway must be registered in the overview by clicking Add employee.

Images and credentials have not been transferred to a new supplier and therefore cannot be reused. It is only when you order new HSE cards that you have to upload your photo and photo ID.

You can add multiple addresses during business, to have the opportunity to have different orders delivered to different addresses.

In addition, new users of API services will be opened on February 17, 2020.

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