Workers can start and work before HSE-cards are received


Everyone who works on construction sites must have a valid HSE card. It is not forbidden to work until the HSE card has been received, but the employer must then be able to document that the HSE card is being ordered.

Before the HSE card is received, the worker at the construction site must be able to document which business he or she works for. The documentation can, for example, be a confirmation that an HSE card has been ordered or a work contract. For some types of working conditions, the employer can order HSE cards in advance of the start of the working relationship.

The company must, if all necessary register obligations are fulfilled, receive the HSE card within one week of ordering.  

Note that a client through requirements in a contract can set stricter requirements than the regulations do. For example, they may require everyone to have an HSE card before entering the building or construction site. The Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority has no authority with regard to such contractual requirements. It is a matter between the client and the contractor.

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