From January 2020, you will find all employees under the subdivision number.

Most often, the company's employees will appear in the sub-unit to which they are associated and not in the main unit. The subunits have their own organization numbers. This is in accordance with the requirement that employees be registered in the Nav Aa register at company level (sub-unit).

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Organisasjonsnummeret til hovedenheten fremkommer på det fysiske HMS-kortet.

To order a HSE card, you must log in via the ID-portal. Click LOG IN at the top right and select the desired login method. If you do not have an electronic ID, you can click: How to obtain your electronic ID and follow the instructions.

There are people who have a role in the business who can log in to the site to order cards. An overview of who has relevant roles can be found by looking up the business at brønnøysund registers.

These will also have the opportunity to delegate this authority to others.

If you want to delegate access to the company so that others can also order HSE cards, this can be done below Company In the menu, to the right. Here you will get an overview of how many have acsess. Click SHOW DETAILS to get extended information.

Click on Delegate to others to bring up the image as shown below.

Enter social security number and click add.
Fill in other necessary information.
If desired, select the start and end dates.
Click on Save delegation.

Those who have now been granted authorization will be able to log on and see the company.

Picture and identification can be uploaded before or after ordering HSE card.

Uploading can be done by the ordering or card holder, but must always be started by the organization, click on UPLOAD A NEW PICTURE under each employee.

Then select the desired upload method. Share link or Upload from your device.

Share link will allow you to send a secure link to the employee by copying and sharing it.

If the other ASs are sub-units of the group's main unit, then the CEO can delegate the right to one or more others who will then be able to order HSE cards to employees in the main unit and all the sub-units.

It is important to note that subunits must not be confused with subsidiaries.

If the other ASs are subsidiaries, each manager or someone with an associated role through Altinn must delegate access to the person (s) who will order HSE cards for that business.