Changes regarding invoice


We now issue one invoice per order rather than a collective invoice. We do this to be able to easily find out which order an invoice applies to, and to link the invoice to the customer reference you enter when ordering.

Here is an excerpt from our invoice in pdf format. The order number from the HSE card portal will appear as "Vår referanse" in the invoice. "Ordrenr" is an internal order number for our invoice department and does not matter to the buyer.

You will find this order number under the customer's organization number, which also appears in the invoice. The order line contains the subunit that has placed the order's organization number.

If you want to see the order, you can log in to the HSE card portal, select the organisationnumber mentioned in the invoice, and see in Orderhistory which employee (s) this order applies to.

EHF invoice

We have received some inquiries regarding the lack of customer reference on the EHF invoices. We send this information when an EHF file is generated for export, but whether it is included on the invoice often depends on the supplier of the EHF Invoice.

Here are some excerpts from our EHF code. Censored as it is taken from a real invoice.

This can be used to show the supplier what you want to include on the next invoice they generate.

And this is how it will look on the EHF invoice

If you have more questions regarding invoices, you can direct them to usersupport by phone or chat, or send an e-mail to

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